Course structure

The MOOC is composed of five modules, each comprising four to five units (of approximately 10 minutes each). The course lasts 15 weeks.

At the end of each module, an evaluation is proposed. This will be essentially based on the analysis of regional cases, experienced or observed by participants. Policymakers and experts will be invited to present and share cases they have managed themselves or in which they have participated. Students and researchers will be invited to propose cases identified in the course of their research work.

Participants will receive an Attestation of Attendance. The document will only be received, if the participant successfully passes the course (at least 80 of the total 100 points). Successful participants also receive a document specifying the score and stating what knowledge they acquired during the course; and a table with each grade from the module assignments (max. 9 points each module) and the final assignment (max. 64 points).


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