École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne

EPFL is Europe’s most cosmopolitan technical university with students, professors and staff from over 120 nations. A dynamic environment, open to Switzerland and the world, EPFL is centered on its three missions: teaching, research and technology transfer.

BAK Economics AG

As an independent Swiss economic research institute since 1980, BAK stands for the combination of scientifically founded empirical analysis and its practical implementation.

Regional Economic Analysis - REA

The BAK Regional Economic Database (RED) comprises a proven mix of internationally comparable sources and in-house calculations. The analysis requires data for smaller regions and major cities that has been collected at the so-called TL3 («Territorial Level» OECD) or NUTS3 («Nomenclature des unités territoriales statistiques», Eurostat) level. 

OPENCities Monitor

The OPENCities Monitor is a new city benchmark developed by BAK Economics on behalf of the British Council. The OPENCities Monitor is a unique collaboration and learning tool to measure city openness.

Region Dalarna

Region Dalarna is a co-operative body which is responsible for promoting and coordinating regional development in the county of Dalarna. Our goal is to seize all of Dalarna’s opportunities in order to further the regional development in various sectors.

Northern Netherlands Alliance (SNN)

The Northern Netherlands Provinces alliance, known in Dutch as samenwerkingsverband Noord-Nederland or SNN, has been the voice of the united Northern Netherlands Provinces – Drenthe, Fryslân and Groningen – for more than twenty years.

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