BAK Briefing 2019

«The technology revolution and resulting opportunities for Switzerland and European regions»

Date 2 July 2019
Place Mission of Switzerland to the European Union, Place du Luxembourg 1, 1050 Brussels
Organiser BAK Economics in cooperation with SwissCore, Mission of Switzerland to the EU, ETH Board, SERI and EURADA

The purpose of the event is to provide profound regional analysis of competitiveness, innovation and technological progess using Switzerland as a showcase. The BAK briefing also provides an opportunity for networking for delegates from the public and private sector as well as academic representatives from all over Europe.

General information

Research, development and innovation are at the core of Europe’s competitiveness. Technological progress is the key trend currently discussed in many industrial countries and regions and its importance will likely become even more pronounced as increasing tendencies towards protectionism negatively affect other traditional growth drivers such as world trade. Technology will change the way we work and live worldwide. Great new possibilities are opening up. However, with this come new challenges and ques-tions that needs to be answered.

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